Perran Ersu Ozcaldiran

Founder of Persona Communications. Graduated from Robert College Lycee and has a BA in Economics from Bryn Mawr College. Studied Tourism at ITTCI (Washington, DC) and Infectious Diseases at Institute Pasteur (Lyon, France). Speaks English, German and French. Worked previously at Young&Rubicam and Grey, and founded GCI Turkey.

Ersan Ersu

Graduated from Skt Georg Austrian High School and has a degree in Business from the Istanbul University. Speaks English and German. Founded Paros Tours and worked for Karma International. Licensed tour guide since 1988.

Netice Dokmecioglu

Graduated from Famagusta High School (Cyprus), has a BA in English Literature from Istanbul University and a MS in Public Relations from the University of Stirling (Scotland). Speaks English and French. Previously worked for Image Public Relations, GCI, and the MEF schools.

Nezihe Dedeoglu

Previously worked in international trade. Speaks English and French.